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1. You are entering and using the website under the governance and contract of Malaysia law. You agree that the information of the sales and purchase can only be filed and disclosed to the authorized authority within the federal courts in Malaysia.
2. Registration is only for those who are aged 18 and above and we reserved the right to cancel and terminate any registration of accounts or transactions which is done by people that is aged less than 18. Once you have completed the registration of account, it deems that you are agreed to accept and receive any form of communications from our side, till further notice or cancelation from your side.
3. You are using our website just for personal usage and not for other commercial purpose, which include reproduce, lease, re-sell, reverse-engineering, modify, extracting information for upload and publication, infringes the copyright, trademark or trade secret of ours. We reserve the right to terminate account and transaction if the act conducted is harmful to the interest of ours.
4. It is advisable that you shall get personal advices from qualified medical professionals for treatment and consultation for any health care related problem. The products and information displayed in this website is solely for your information and reference purposes. The information represented might from the vendors but not fully given from our side. Hence, we shall not be liable for any incident happen due to the abovementioned causes. To the extent of the Malaysia Law, we shall not be liable to the injury, damages and death to that person who is in any way direct or indirect related to the purchase of delivery of the product.
5. Whenever the condition is able to be covered by the applicable legislation, we are only limited to the liability of either replacing the goods or refund the money to the purchaser. We shall not be liable to the consequential damage or injury caused
6. You should be responsible for your identity in the website. You will be liable for all the actions taken, which include purchases made, discussion, communication made, changes of details, etc. in the website. We will assume that the one that use your account for actions would be fully authorized by you and you will be liable to all the actions taken as well, with that person is liable to the term and condition from us. Hence, protection of password is a must from your side and immediate inform shall be made once there is an unauthorized usage.
7. You shall read up the custom term and condition. We shall not be liable for any custom tax charges, duty of charged being imposed by the local authority and you will be the one who bear the payment. We shall not be liable for any prohibited exportation.
8. All the prices are in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit), and in USD where applicable for the sales for other countries. The price of some products is subject to change based on the market price without prior notice.
9. All the prices shown are to be subject to GST (Goods and Services Tax)
10. Photos illustrated in the website may not reflect the actual goods sold
11. All the comments and reviews posted in the will be assumed to be non-proprietary, in which we have the royalty-free and right to copy, display, lease, sell and these shall be our property and we are not liable to return it to the user
12. We have the right to terminate your rights under this agreement without any prior inform by our side, and you as a user shall stop all the access to the website.
13. Even though we sell the goods worldwide, there are some products that are prohibited to export to some countries. Hence, it is your duty to search and understand about the term and condition of your local law and regulations. We shall not be obliged to any court case, custom duties, tax, if any that charged for the trading purpose
14. All the goods sold are not exchangeable or refundable, unless the goods purchased are defects, which referring to incidents of broken glasses, quality issues and goods are expired; in which we will bear the expenses incurred for the mentioned situations. In these situations, please kindly contact us immediately so that we are able to make proper investigation/ claims, if any to the courier company.
15. In the situation where you would like to refund/ exchange for other goods other than the above mentioned reason, we will charge RM10 or 10% for the handling fees (based on value of the goods), whichever higher and in addition, you need to bear for the courier charges from the courier services, credit card charges, custom duties and taxes, if any. Once the goods have been received and inspected from our side, we will contact you for the next arrangement. Kindly note that the return policy does not applied to the sale and clearance goods. Please be patient as the process might take up to three (3) working days. In this situation, please kindly contact us within seven (7) days upon receipt of goods
16. You are acknowledged that you need to pay additional 2% from the total amount of invoice for the insurance from the courier company. A maximum of full recovery of the total amount of invoice can be done, if it is due to the mistake of the courier company and agreement has been reached for the compensation.
17. Please do not accept the goods are defect prior your receipt and kindly contact us immediately for that matter. Otherwise, please kindly contact us immediately after you have find out the goods are defect. We will approach you for the next arrangement.
18. You are to be expected to receive the goods within three (3) working days (exclude the first Saturday of each month) for Peninsular Malaysia and five (5) working days for East Malaysia. Icare Pharmacy will contact you personally if we find out that the delivery is not able to be done in time. For the international trading, we will contact you for the update as it varies for different countries. However, we cannot guarantee the delivery time and shall not be liable for the delay, if any which is out of the control from our side.
19. You shall read up and understand the delivery process and disclaimer.
20. You are acknowledged to update the address and contact number in the account. We shall not be obliged to bear the expenses for the delay, such as courier charges, any damage or injury caused. Icare Pharmacy is obliged to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. We are only allow to use the information for the registration of the membership and to send in information, healthcare, advertisement and promotions materials. We will only disclose your personal information if and only if it is required by the law or in response to the government agencies and service providers, such as courier companies for the delivery purpose. It is always your right to request for the amendments for your personal data, if it is inaccurate, request for the termination/ deletion of your personal data and request for the detail explanation/ understanding on the personal data collected.
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