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1. What is the flow of making order, making payment and receiving?
2. How do I check my points, change my password and personal detail?
3. Can I return goods?
4. May I know the delivery charges?
5. Can I purchase additional insurance for the delivery?
6. What if the goods I received defect?
7. How to become and what is the benefit of being a member?
8. What happened if the prices of the goods change when I am still in the stage of purchasing?
9. Can I know the expiry dates and the availability of the goods that I would like to purchase?
10. What if there is no stock available after I have made the payment?
11. How do I obtain the discount voucher code?
12. When can I expect the goods to be reached?
13. Do you provide international delivery?
14. What to do if the goods are not collected when the courier company deliver the goods?
15. How can I trace my goods purchased?
16. May I know who is the courier service provider for your Company? Can I request for the service from other courier companies?
17. What will happen to my personal data and what is my right for the personal data submitted?
18. How, who and where can I make enquire/ voice out opinion?
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