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Icare Pharmacy was firstly established in the year of 2006 in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. In the time of 6 years, the Company has increased the number of staffs from two (2) to the current of fifteen (15) in total. At the current stage, the Company has started to come out with medical tools with their own brand and is in the progress to fullfil the compliance of ISO (international Organization for Standardization) which will further assure the quality of the goods. The Company is also complying with the requirement for the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and in the progress of the application for the trademark. In a nutshell, the Company is in the expansion stage to fulfill the vision of the Company.

"Serving and giving the best" to the public/ customers is always the motto of how the Company operates. Therefore, we always provide professional consultances to our customers from time to time. With the responsiblities obliged in each of the staff, we are always commited to the serve the cutomers for nothing but the best.

It is always an aim for us to enter the global market, which form the vision of the Company "global penetration". In order to do so, we realized that we need to serve the community better, be professional in every responses we made to the customers, be as prompt as possible for the services delivered and be supportive to scenarios that we encountered. And in order to fulfill it, we definately need to start off with YOU.

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